Definitely Truth in Television; many people had art teachers

Phoneaholic Teenager:Stella. Her attempt to give up texting results in Sanity Slippage (including ending her sentences with “send”). Post Kiss Catatonia: Happens both sides. After Joe and Stella share a Slap Slap Kiss in “Double Date”, they get so distracted that Stella mistakenly grabs a watermellon instead of her purse, and Joe accidentally falls down trying to sit. Again in the same episode when they kiss in the hallway resulting in Joe’s guitar and Stella’s purse ending up in each other’s hands. Precocious Crush: Frankie falling for Macy in “Direct To Video”, but only for awhile, because the moment Frankie tasted her baked cookies, it was over. Promoted to Love Interest: Macy for Nick Reality Ensues: Usually once an episode in season one, and it is always played for laughs. The Re Tool ended up resulting in it focusing even more heavily on Joe and less on Nick and Kevin, for the most part. It’s even lampshaded by Nick. Romantic False Lead: Van Dyke, Ben, and Vanessa. Secret Relationship: Nick keeps his relationship with Macy a secret from his friends, despite Macy feeling guilty about hiding it. This benefits Big Man’s Kiara when she finds out about Nick and Macy and blackmails Nick into working with her. It wasn’t until Kiara gives up on the blackmail and gives Nick “The Reason You Suck” Speech that Nick finally reveals the secret to everyone through the song he wrote for Macy. She’s Not My Girlfriend: Joe gets detention to prove to his friend that he really is a normal guy who doesn’t take advantage of being a rock star. Everyone just assumes she’s a Girl of the Week which is why he’s doing this leading to the trope. It’s a subversion in that Joe does this to a guest character who he genuinely isn’t interested in. Shorter Means Smarter: The shorter/younger the brother, the smarter. From Kevin being a Cloud Cuckoo Lander and Joe being so self confident he’s prone to stupidity to Nick being the most sensible brother and Frankie being incredibly cunning. Shout Out: A whole sub plot of an episode makes fun of the whole CSI: Miami meme of “witty comment, glasses, YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! angles. Joe’s movie Forever April is basically Twilight but with a supernatural ghost girl rather than a vampire. To Corey Hart in season one: “Let’s not be those guys who wear their sunglasses at night.” Shown Their Work: One Running Gag in season one was Macy always having sports equipment, and even though it rarely got anything more than a quick gag about her nearly killing one of the guys, the equipment she has is always accurate and appropriate for whatever sport she was doing at the time. But if I’m so sickenly adorable, then why did you come to the restaurant tonight?!

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cheap replica handbags May or may not be a good teacher, but never a good disciplinarian. Often let students call them by their first name (“Mr. Hippie Teacher is my father; you can call me Rod”). Definitely Truth in Television; many people had art teachers like this. While in fiction they can teach any subject, art teachers, guidance counselors and other teachers of “soft” or “creative” subjects tend to predominate with hard sciences being less common unless crossed with Absent Minded Professor. When portrayed sympathetically, this character is usually a Cool Teacher. If portrayed unsympathetically, they’re well meaning but ultimately incompetent pushovers who are viewed as A factories by students at best and arrogant, passive aggressive moralists who hand out As to anyone who agrees with them at worst. cheap replica handbags

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