I’m a Humanitarian: The orange hamster with her babies

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replica handbags china This show provides examples of: Big Bad: Both the kid and the grey hamster, though the grey hamster to a bigger extent. Cerebus Syndrome: This series drops any possibility of it being anything other than horrifying by episode 2, after the orange hamster is raped. It somehow gets worse. Death Trap: If the orange hamster’s nightmare is anything to go by, the Death Coaster. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Visible blood, vomit, poop, semen, cannabalism, rape, murder. reminder that this is on Youtube, which is known for having strict censors. Gory Discretion Shot: Heavily averted, especially in the final episode when the orange hamster is eaten. The closest we get is a blur on something that. isn’t blood. Hell Is That Noise: Any time the hamsters squeak, it’s usually an indicator that something has gone wrong. or that something will go wrong. I’m a Humanitarian: The orange hamster with her babies, and the grey hamster with the orange hamster. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Debatable on villain, but the kid puts the orange hamster through the G Force before putting it through the Death Coaster. Then the orange hamster gets too sick to ride the Death Coaster, and if the nightmare in the next episode is anything to go by, the orange hamster is definitely lucky. Nightmare Sequence: Episode 4 begins with one of these, where the orange hamster is killed in the Death Coaster from the previous episode. This is what prompts her to attempt an escape. Precision F Strike: After episode 4, this becomes almost everything the kid says. Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: In episode 2, Wife, the grey one does this. Red Herring: The Death Coaster is shown in the climax of episode 3 and is what killed the orange hamster in episode 4’s Nightmare Sequence, Sounds like it’ll be something important later, right? Well, it’s destroyed at the beginning of episode 5 without any of the hamsters ever having touched it. Suddenly Voiced: While always voiced, if you’ve only seen the edited compilation, it can come as a shock when the hamsters start talking to each other at the end of the first episode. Too Stupid To Live: “Do not touch the baby hamsters. If you do, the mother will eat them.” The kid does it anyways, because they’re cool. Well Intentioned Extremist: The kid. He almost kills his hamsters, puts them into a lunchbox without any air holes, and even throws the grey one out of a window in the final episode, but he feels legitimate remorse when he almost kills his hamsters in episode 5 and starts crying on the bed whenever he messes up. replica handbags china

high quality designer replica handbags “Turbo Lover” could be thus interpreted, though it isn’t so specific. Yet another classic example can be found in “Eat Me Alive”. Ambition Is Evil: Inverted with “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”. And I Must Scream: “Brain Dead” is sung from the perspective of a man suffering from locked in syndrome who wants badly to be taken off life support. Audience Participation Song: “Breaking the Law” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” are both songs in which Halford has the audience sing the chorus for him. Often, “Breaking the Law” is sung ENTIRELY by the public. Case in point, this video. Several tracks, including “Take on the World”, “United” and “Red White and Blue” were written with this purpose in mind. In the case of “Take on the World”, the chorus even has overdubbed backing vocals to create the illusion that a crowd is singing along to it. Big Brother Is Watching: “Electric Eye.” Call Back / Shout Out: “Sad wings that Heaven sent wipes out in rage!” (a reference to their second album, Sad Wings of Destiny) “Forged in the black country, under blood red skies. Took on all the world; it had no choice!” (“Monsters of Rock,” “Blood Red Skies,” and “Take on the World,” respectively). From “Parental Guidance”: “One life, and I’m gonna live it up” an obvious callback to “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin”. Angel of Retribution contains quite a few callbacks to past albums and songs. Namely: “Demonizer” references both “The Hellion” from Screaming for Vengeance, as well as “Painkiller” from Painkiller. “Hellrider” mentions the title track of Ram It Down, and “Tyrant” Best replica handbags from Sad Wings of Destiny. “Eulogy” references “Stained Class” and “The Sentinel” from the albums Stained Class and Defenders of the Faith, respectively. “Worth Fighting For” acts as a companion piece to “Desert Plains” from Point of Entry. “Deal With the Devil” mentions the song “Blood Red Skies” from Ram It Down, “Take on the World” from Killing Machine, as well as “Beyond the Realms of Death” from Stained Class. “Rock Forever” (from 1979’s Killing Machine) has a middle section that almost sounds like a tribute to classic 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll, particularly Danny The Juniors’ “At the Hop.” Similarly, their music video for “Headin’ Out to the Highway” is obviously a tribute to the “drag race” scenes in classic ’50s “hot rod” flicks. (Rob, of course, plays the role of the girl who starts the race.) Careful with That Axe: Rob Halford does this a lot, to the point of Love It or Hate It territory. Case in point: Dissident Aggressor. Painkiller is pretty much nothing but this trope. Concept Album: Nostradamus high quality designer replica handbags.

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