Any concepts that are directly related to the subject matter

Description : This volume presents a selection of slightly revised versions of papers from the third International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS III), Princeton, 1984. Keith Percival, Aron Dotan, Michael G. Carter, Kees Versteegh, Brian O Cuiv, Francis P.

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My interactive approach will gain an understanding of your perspective through engagement and by asking in-depth questions. We work in a safe, inviting space for you to grow and talk about your concerns. I’m interested in the use of personal narrative as a method of self-exploration and a means to identify patterns of thought, behavior and emotions. This will lead to a set of client-defined goals. Then together we discover the obstacles to achieving your goals and exploring various options to removing these obstacles. I use an integrative therapeutic approach, with a strong foundation in psychodynamic theory and family systems. I have experience with diverse populations regarding age, ethnicity, gender, orientation and socio-economic status. Areas of particular interest are navigating life changes; men's issues; grief and loss; trauma: depression and anxiety; the creative process. I work with individuals, couples and groups, and have a great deal of experience providing counseling to LGBT populations, specifically concerning issues of self-esteem, relationships and family dynamics. My background in the arts means the creative process is of keen interest to me, along with the need to nurture, support and integrate the creative process. Navigating a successful balance between following ones passion versus the demands of daily life is a challenge worth exploring.

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