Individual Therapy

One of the greatest benefits derived from individual therapy is the experience of having an unbiased third-party listen without judgment or criticism. This experience is a unique relationship the can run narrow, but very deep. The focus is on where you are at precisely the moment you show up for the appointment. There is no pre-conceived notion on where each session should lead. Sometimes the most productive sessions are those where we just wander in. Often challenging the status quo is the goal of our work together. I use a strengths-based approach infused with empathy and consideration to accomplish reconfiguring established thoughts, behaviors and feelings.

Couples Therapy

In couple’s therapy, the couple is the client. Great care is taken to ensure a balanced session. Essential components to couple’s therapy are: to provide the both of you with tools to facilitate direct communication via active listening; to explore conflict management, so the unavoidable cycles of rupture and repair can be navigated with care; to manage expectations regarding emotional and physical needs and to tend to any unexpressed resentments that interfere in the loving bond. It is not uncommon to meet individually within the context of the work, but always in service of the relationship. The therapy room can be a safe and neutral place to examine specific issues like trust, financial matters, intimacy issues, etc.


A special area of my practice is to offer pre-marital counseling to same-sex male couples. Here is a detailed explanation: pre_marital.